Iran has condemned the deadly suicide attack targeting a gathering of religious scholars in Kabul city, calling it a move to prevent the delivery of Ulemas message against terrorism and violence.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran Bahram Qasemi has said Iran is standing by Afghanistan government and people to bring back peace and security to the country.

While Afghan scholars gathered to discuss peace in Afghanistan and to denounce terror and violence, the warmonger terrorists created another crime so that the peaceful call of scholars of conveying the message of humanity, mercy and compassion and the fight against hostility, violence, terrorism and suicide attacks will not reach the people of Afghanistan and other nations, he was quoted as saying by Irna.

No individual or group has so far claimed responsibility behind the attack.

The incident took place as religious scholars were leaving the gathering after issuing a verdict against the ongoing conflict.

The Kabul police commandment officials are saying that 7 people have been killed and 9 others have been wounded.

However, other security sources are saying that 14 people have been killed and 17 others have sustained injuries.