February 12, 2018

Iran behind water resources destruction in Afghanistan

By Khaama Press - Sun Mar 24 2013, 11:43 am

Iran FlagThe neighboring countries of Afghanistan, specifically Iran and Pakistan with the inspiration of MI6 are responsible for the current crisis in Afghanistan and thoroughly involved in creating barriers for the creation of a strong political leadership in the country.

Iran has made major investments between 1370s and 1380s in a bid to achieve its strategic goals by creating divisions, boosting war and funding internal elements in Afghanistan.

Through its political tactics implemented between 1371 to 1380, Iran managed to successfully complete the construction of water resources infrastructures in its own national interest and block water routes to Afghanistan on permanent basis.

According to reports around 500 billion cubic meter of water which is equivalent to $500 billion flows to neighboring countries of Afghanistan, specifically to Iran.

During the past ten years the Iranian government breaching the earlier agreements has turned Helmand waters towards Iran by drilling at least 12 water canals. Iran has also created a water dam on Hamon to prevent flow of water back to Afghanistan. Previously water was flowing back to Gudzard area in case of increase in Helmand waters.

Two major water storages were also built by Iran on Sarkhas area located between the bordering regions of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Iran. The storages built under an old agreement with the Turkmenistan was aimed at turning the flow of water which comes from Bala Morghab area to Turkmenistan.

The flow of water automatically goes towards the Srakhas water storage in Iran after the water storage built by Iran in Turkmenistan is filled, which shows the main motive of the Iranian government for spending millions of money for constructing water dam in Sarkhas area of Turkmenistan.

This will incur a major loss to the water resources of Afghanistan as the flow of water is blocked from Sarkhas water storage to flow back inside the Afghan soil.

Iran also creates barriers for the construction of two major water dams including Kamal Khan dam and Salma dam in western Afghanistan through its cheating diplomacy and by funding and using internal factors in Afghanistan in a bid to prevent the Afghan government from using the current opportunities which is available with the presence of international community.

According to reports a number of Iranian spies working as engineers in Salma dam project are struggling to prevent the development work of the dam.

On the other hand the government of Iran and MI6 prevented the construction of 3,400 kilometers of gas pipeline from Sarkhas bordering region towards the Turkmenistan border in a bid to main the current war in Afghanistan. The gas pipeline has been constructed inside the Iranian soil on the bordering region between the countries which continues until Baluchistan bordering region. The bordering cities of Iran are connected with the Karachi port which makes the transportation of Iran and Turkmenistan energy easier to India.

The tactics of Iran paved the way for sabotaging the TAPI gas pipeline project which was coming from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and this helped Iran to construct its own gas pipeline from Sarkhas to Pakistan.

The government of Afghanistan during the past 12 years has been helpless to construct water dams in the country despite the presence of international community that pledged billions in aid to Afghanistan. The issues pose a major threat towards the water resources of Afghanistan as main waters of Afghanistan are flowing out of the country despite Afghanistan.

Unfortunately the political figures of Afghanistan are busy with their own political set ups that helps the implementation of new missions by MI6, CIA and Iran in Afghanistan and the region.

By: Alhaj Ghulam Jilani “Wahaj”

This is a translated version of the article which was originally written in Persian by the author. Click here to read this article in Persian.

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