A number of Afghan parliament members accused Iran for being involved behind deadly coordinated suicide blasts in western Nimroz province.

Afghan lawmakers said a number of suicide bombers who were detained are Iranian citizens.

The lawmakers on Wednesday urged the Afghan government to negotiate the coordinated suicide blasts with the Iranian embassy in Kabul.

Freshta Amini and Aryan Young Afghan lawmakers said, “Based on our information the suicide bombers are Baloch citizens who came from Iran.”

They said, “Iran is behind the coordinated blasts in Nimroz province since they are looking to prevent the implementation of development projects in this province.”

At least 35 people were killed following three coordinated suicide blasts and dozens of others were injured.

Local officials said the incidents took place in a busy market while the local residents were busy with the shopping for Eid days.

The officials further added more than 10 suicide bombers were behind the attack and out of which only 3 of them managed to detonate their explosives.

They said 3 suicide bombers were arrested and 2 others were killed by Afghan security forces before they reach their target.

Afghan lawmakers strongly condemned the coordinated blasts and urged Afghan government for the trial of the detained suicide bombers.

In the meantime a number of lawmakers criticized the international partners of Afghanistan for not assisting the government to improve the intelligence system.

The neighboring countries of Afghanistan specifically Iran and Pakistan have been accused of being involved in growing violence in Afghanistan and supporting militants groups.