Following the protests of Afghan people in Kabul, Khost, and the burning of the door of Iran’s consulate in western Herat province, the Foreign Ministry of Iran has asked the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to ensure the security of their embassy in Kabul and consulates.

Video clips that went viral on social media show that protestors have burned the door of Iran’s consulate in Herat province and are throwing stones at the agency.

The Afghan protesters are taking to the streets to protest against the ongoing ill-treatment of Afghan refugees in Iran by the country’s people and police forces.

Protestors asked Iran’s government to stop the ongoing torture of Afghan refugees.

In reaction to the protests, the spokesperson of Iran’s Foreign Ministry Saeed khatibzada said, this was the responsibility of the Afghan government to ensure the security of Iran’s diplomatic agencies in the country.

Earlier, Iran’s embassy in Kabul in a press release said that the ongoing ill-treatment is a foreign conspiracy that is aimed at disturbing bilateral relations between the two countries.

On Sunday, the acting Foreign Minister of Afghanistan summoned Iran’s ambassador to Kabul and raised with him the issue of Afghan refugees in Iran.