Apple is expanding and improving its gaming experience, the company said during WWDC 2022 on Monday, and that appears to include supporting different controllers. 

iOS 16, the new version of company’s operating system, apparently connects to the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons, according to 9to5Mac and Engadget. 

App developer Riley Testut tweeted out a screenshot showing his Joy-Cons connecting to iOS 16 via Bluetooth. “Apple seriously killed it with this implementation, this is incredible,” Testut tweeted.

The latest iOS version can reportedly recognize the Joy-Cons as one unit, as well as separate left and right units. Users will also be able to switch between using the Joy-Cons as a single controller or as two controllers by pressing and holding the screenshot and home buttons.

Also during WWDC, its annual developer conference, Apple announced that it planned on upgrading its Metal software, which helps power games on Macs. The upgraded software will reportedly handle next-generation games like Resident Evil: Village with ease.

Other features and upgrades coming to iOS 16 include lock-screen updates, the ability to edit and unsend messages and Apple Pay Later.