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Intra-Afghan dialogue participants including Taliban agree on adoption of softer approach to help peace process

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The participants of intra-Afghan talks including Taliban have agreed to adopt a softer approach in a bid to help the reconciliation process.

Germany and Qatar co-hosted the conference in a bid to help the Afghan peace process.

The participants of the conference issued a joint declaration after concluding the two-day talks in Doha, the capital of Qatar late on Monday.

Steps for establishment of environment of trust for peace

The joint declaration states that the conflicting parties shall avoid threats, revenges and conflicting words, shall use soft terminologies and words during their official gatherings and shall not fuel the conflict and revenge.

Furthermore, the declaration states that the aged, disabled and ill inmates should be released unconditionally in a bid to create a trustable environment for peace.

The declaration also states that the parties involved in the conflict must ensure security of public institutions, such as schools, Religious Madrasas, hospitals, markets, water dams and other working locations.

The participants have made particular emphasis on respecting the security of educational institutions including schools, universities and other educational institutes.

Meanwhile, the declaration states that the parties involved in the conflict must respect and protect the dignity of people, their life and property and to minimize the civilian casualties to Zero.

The participants of the dialogue also emphasized on assurances regarding women’s rights in political, social, economic, educational and cultural affairs in the framework of Islamic values.

Road-map for peace:

In the meantime, the declaration states that the dialogue participants agree on a roadmap for peace based on specific conditions which includes institutionalizing Islamic system in the country for the implementation of comprehensive peace.

The dialogue participants also emphasized on simultaneous launch of peace process with the accomplishment of all terms and conditions set forth and monitoring and observation of the peace agreement.

Furthermore, the declaration emphasizes on reform in preservation of fundamental institutions, defensive and other national entities which belongs to all Afghans, repatriation of immigrants and return of IDPs.

Meanwhile, the dialogue participants have called for international and donors’ support post peace agreement based on the new cooperation and relations and assurances on zero interference from the neighboring and regional countries in Afghanistan.

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