In reference to the security concerns of the interpreters and local staff who have worked along with the foreign troops and diplomatic missions, the Taliban has recently released a statement, urging them not to flee the country as they are no longer regarded as enemies to the Taliban.

“Those who have worked with the foreign military forces as interpreters or security guards, they do not need to flee the country, if they have any profession, they must serve their country and continue a normal life, Taliban said in a statement published on Monday.

“They were only regarded as our enemies when they were at the front line beside our enemies in the front line of war”, said the Taliban.

This comes as, the local staff including interpreters and contractors who were directly engaged with the foreign troops and military missions, are worried about their life post the troops’ withdrawal.

So far, the U.S.A, UK, and France have announced to relocate the interpreters and local staff who have helped them during their missions in Afghanistan.

The French government has already taken a large number of its local Afghan staff and their families to France.

The U.S has also announced to expedite the Special Immigration Visa (SIV) process.


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