December 17, 2017

International Crisis Group activities reviewed in Afghanistan

By Sajad - Sun Nov 04 2012, 4:12 pm

Afghan foreign affairs ministry officials on Sunday announced the assessment of International Crisis Group activities in Afghanistan.

Janan Mosazai foreign ministry spokesman told reporters that the Afghan government will announce its decision regarding the ICG after investigations are completed.

The Afghan government seems to limit the operations of the International Crisis Group in Afghanistan after ICG reported crisis and civil war in the country beyond 2014.

Foreign affairs ministry spokesman Janan Mosazai said, “The government of Afghanistan has launched a comprehensive investigation regarding the operation of International Crisis Group in Afghanistan and will announce its decision regarding the group.”

This comes as the International Crisis Group published a report regarding the security situation in Afghanistan last month.

The report stated that the security situation will become critical after 2014 and also predicted collapse of the Afghan government however Afghan officials strongly denied the report.

Government officials accused certain western nations to leave a gap for interfering in Afghan presidential election by publishing such reports.

However International Crisis Group central office in Brussels has not commented in this regard so far.

In the meantime reports suggest that the Intelligence Agency of Germany also published a similar report prior to International Crisis Group report on Afghanistan security beyond 2014.

The Afghan government and Afghan parliament strongly condemned the reports and called it a psychological war by west in Afghanistan.

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