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International Commission: Israel committed crimes against humanity

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

The Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Gaza Conflict reported that Israel has committed “deliberate and direct attacks on civilians” in Gaza by using heavy weaponry.

Navi Pillay, head of the UN-backed commission, stated that Israel’s actions in the Gaza war constitute “crimes against humanity.”

During a session at the UN Human Rights Council headquarters in Geneva on Wednesday, Ms. Pillay said that Israel has engaged in forced starvation, killings, and inhumane and cruel treatment of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

She also accused Palestinian groups of committing war crimes.

Al Jazeera reported that Ms. Pillay’s team has submitted around 7,000 pieces of evidence regarding crimes committed by Israeli forces and Hamas to the International Criminal Court.

Meanwhile, Chris Sidoti, a member of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Occupied Palestinian Territories, told reporters that “the Israeli army is one of the most criminal armies in the world.”

Israeli officials have repeatedly denied similar accusations in the past.

Additionally, Al Jazeera reported that at least nine Palestinian civilians were killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah while standing in line to receive aid.

Since the beginning of the war in Gaza, the humanitarian situation for Palestinians has become increasingly dire. Many civilians have been displaced from their homes, living in overcrowded shelters with limited access to food, water, and medical care.

The continuous blockade has exacerbated these conditions, leaving thousands without basic necessities.

Hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with casualties and are struggling to provide adequate medical care due to shortages of supplies and equipment.

The international community has called for urgent humanitarian aid and a ceasefire to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian population, but the conflict shows no signs of ending, deepening the humanitarian crisis.

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