February 13, 2018

Interior Minister criticize Afghan police forces formation

By Sayed Jawad - Tue Dec 04 2012, 8:03 pm

Afghan interior ministry Mojtaba Patang on Tuesday criticized the formation of the Afghan police forces and said the current formation is dependent on political groups.

While speaking in Afghan senate committee he said that Afghan police forces will not be able to perform their duties appropriately considering the current situation.

In the meantime Afghan senators said the main reason behind increasing violence in Afghanistan is due to corruption among the Afghan police forces which was confirmed by Afghan interior minister Mojtaba Patang and said that police forces are linked with political, local and other groups which paves the way for unstability in the country.

Mr. Patang said, “Our police forces have been linked with the political and other groups, they are not national police forces. Issues are created by regional police forces. They are supporting the crime intentionally or unintentionally in their areas where they belong to and are performing duties in the same areas.”

He said those police forces who are conducting duty in their own regions have relatives and are supporting the criminals.

This comes as Afghan local police forces have been formed under the command of the Afghan interior ministry to take control in their own villages and residential areas.

Mojtaba Patang told Afghan senators he is looking to bring changes among the Afghan police forces who locally and politically dependent and he is looking not to hire police forces to conduct duty in their own regions.

He said interior ministry is considering to fight corruption and professionalize Afghan police forces but he said that it will take time until the plans have been impelemented.

Mojtaba Patang was elected as Afghan interior minister three months back and he vowed to bring changes in Afghan police forces formation however it is yet not clear what will be included in the changes.

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