President Ashraf Ghani on Friday said he is not an obstacle to peace, but he is a champion in peace in Afghanistan, responding to the Taliban’s remarks expressed early in the day who blamed the incumbent government for hindering the efforts to end the conflicts through a political settlement.  

Talking to ASPEN Security Forum on Friday, President Ghani stressed that the creation of an interim government means “bloodshed”, he also expressed himself as a champion of Afghanistan peace.

President Ghani rejected the establishment of the interim government saying, “We’ve had interim governments. They have led to bloodshed,” President Ghani said, and interim setup would be detrimental and inimical.

“The citizens of Afghanistan must be empowered… Where would I get the authority to dissolve the Republic? I have sworn to uphold the constitution,” Ghani added.

In regards to violence escalation and US troops withdrawal Ghani said, “We must ask what is required to preserve the legacy of the US presence in Afghanistan,” Ghani said.  

Ghani reiterated on Taliban’s commitment, that a strong verification mechanism is required, he added “You have to have ironclad agreements and verification mechanisms… Many peace agreements are Trojan horses. They promise the moon and deliver the opposite,”.

President Ghani also called on Biden’s administration to put pressure on the Taliban,  and not to quickly plan for full troops withdrawal, Ghani said: “The United States and NATO must take a very strong stand on the conditions-based approach,”.

Following the last year’s US-Taliban agreement, US officials assured Afghanistan “there will be a ceasefire or a very substantial reduction of violence”, Ghani said.

“Instead, violence has peaked,” he added.

This comes as the National Security Council, MoD, and MoI on Friday indicated that the Taliban violence has escalated since they signed the US-Taliban peace deal, and the group has still maintained ties with Al-Qaeda.

Rahmatullah Andar, NSC spokesman said, that 11 Al-Qaeda members were arrested in the ranks of the Taliban, and “three of those are key members of the group”. Ministries of Defense and Interior reported that the Taliban attacks have increased, they have raged their attacking shape of targeted IED explosions, car bomb attacks on military installations, Roadside and Magnetic IED blasts, targeted killings of security forces, government workers, civil society activists, and the journalist.


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