The Taliban group has claimed that the interests of the Kabul administration, Afghan government, lies with the continuation of war.

“A number of organizations, sides and Kabul administration officials have in recent days repeatedly called upon the Islamic Emirate to either declare a ceasefire or a reduction in violence,” the group said in a statement.

The group further added that “The Islamic Emirate would like to make clear to both our compatriots and the world that we have executed our responsibilities regarding peace and end of hostilities. All are witnesses that the agreement signed by the Islamic Emirate with the United States was to lay a roadmap to finding a peaceful resolution to the nineteen-year conflict.”

“The US-Islamic Emirate agreement that has also been endorsed by the Security Council and the international community at large clearly states that following the signing ceremony, six thousand prisoners from both sides must be released within a ten-day period and a pathway for intra-Afghan negotiations opened,” Taliban said, adding that Intra-Afghan negotiations itself would have laid the groundwork for peace, security and end of hostilities and perhaps we would have made major progress on it till now.

However, the statement added “But as the interests of the Kabul administration lie in the continuation of war hence it began creating hurdles for agreement implementation from the very first day, has delayed the prisoner exchange process till this day and has failed at announcing an inclusive team and resolving its internal disagreements.”

“Moreover, America, NATO and their supporters have also failed in executing their responsibilities vis-à-vis implementation of articles of the agreement,” the group said, adding that Contrarily, NATO provided millions of rounds of ammunition to the Kabul administration with the aim of intensifying and continuing the war which itself is a provocative step.

The Taliban group emphasized that “Demanding a ceasefire and reduction in violence at a time when the opposite side is not executing its own obligations is both illogical and opportunistic.”

This comes as efforts are underway to find a negotiated political settlement to end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

The authorities reported a steep rise in violence across the country despite ongoing efforts and the calls to reduce violence in a bid to give the peace process a chance.