Afghan police1According to local authorities in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan  at least 4 Afghan police officers were shot dead by their comrade in the latest wave of insider attacks in this province.

The officials further added at least 3 more officers were wounded following the attack which took place after they were poisoned in their security check post in Spin Boldak district.

Provincial governor spokesman Javid Faisal said the incident took place after one of the Afgan border police officer poisoned his comrades food and opened fire on them.

Mr. Faisal further added the attacker managed to flee the area after the assault while the three injured officers were taken to hospital for treatment purposes.

A spokesman for the Afghan border protection police forces in southern Afghanistan Ghorzan Afridi said security forces have launched an investigation to find out further details behind the incident.

No group including the Taliban militants has so far claimed responsibility behind the incident.