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Infiltration of Pakistan, Iran in Afghan Medias: NDS

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Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmad Shah Ghanizada
Ahmadshah Ghanizada is the deputy editor in chief for The Khaama Press Agency who manages and overlooks the English edition.

Officials in the Afghan Intelligence Department (National Directorate for Security) announced a number of the local TV channels and a News Agency was financially supported by neighboring Pakistan and Iran.

A spokesman for the Afghan National Directorate for Security Lotfullah Mashal said, a number of the programs broadcasted by these TV channels and News Agency are displayed with a motive to disrupt the thinking of the Afghan people.

While speaking during a press conference along with the representatives from the Afghan Medias, Afghan Ministry of Culture and Information, Afghan Interior Ministry, Afghan Foreign Ministry and NDS, Mr. Mashal said, a number of the Iranian and Pakistani nationals are working as the program and policy makers of these Media Agencies without informing the Afghan government officials.

Mr. Mashal also named Tamadon and Noor Television Channels as an exemplary which broadcasts programs in accordance with the Agendas of the Iranian government.

He said, “The subjects broadcasted by Tamadon TV was handed over to them by Iranian sources and are not created by Tamadon TV officials, and Noor TV normally invites individuals who oppose the presence of foreign troops and installation of foreign forces in Afghanistan and also criticize the achievements of the Afghan government.”

He also said, a number of Pakistani spies are also working in Shamshad TV which broadcasts in Pushto language. He said, “Shamshad TV has hired 12 foreigners without informing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture and Information of Afghanistan. The Financial Director and a program maker of this TV is Pakistani nationals and creates Pakistani subjects for display.”

Mr. Mashal said he was 80% sure that the 12 individuals are the spies of ISI (Inter Services Intelligence), and would formally work in this TV if they were not spies.

According to Afghan NDS spokesman Lotfullah Mashal, the presence of foreign workers in Media Agencies without informing the Afghan government indicates that these individuals are following their political targets in this country.

However Tamadon and Shamshad TV officials denied the allegations by the Afghan NDS and urged them to hand over their evidences in this regard.

Mohammad Rahmati an official at Tamandon TV said, “Mr. Mashal presented his comments based on speculations and did not present any evidence. We deny his comments and will announce our stance formally in the near future.”

Khpalwak Safi Head of the Publications for Shamshad TV said, “I challenge Mr. Mashal and invite him to present evidences in regards to his comments and prove his claims.”

Afghan NDS spokesman Lotfullah Mashal also said, Fars Press and Press TV was working without having legal permit in Afghanistan and urged Pakistan and Iran to prevent interfering in internal issues of Afghanistan.

This comes as financial support to a number of Media Agencies in Afghanistan is considered to be an ambiguous issue, where 50 TV channels, 80 Radio Stations and dozens of printing presses have been launched across the country during the past 10 years.

In the meantime officials in the ministry of culture and information of Afghanistan recently urged the Media Agencies to specify their financial sources and present it to the ministry in written statements.

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