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India’s moon mission sets model for aspiring space powers, says PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised India’s cost-effective Moon landing on Saturday, highlighting it as an inspirational model for nations striving to establish space programs. He also commended the committed scientists responsible for the mission’s success.

Chandrayaan-3, meaning “Moon Craft” in Sanskrit, landed on the Moon’s surface on Wednesday. This achievement makes India the first country to land an uncrewed spacecraft close to the lesser-explored southern part of the Moon, AFP reported.

Chandrayaan-3’s successful landing on the Moon is a significant milestone, marking India’s entry into an exclusive group of space-faring nations.

This accomplishment places India in the esteemed company of only four countries with a “soft landing” on the Moon. “Soft landing” refers to a controlled, gentle spacecraft touchdown on the lunar surface. Before India’s achievement, this feat had been accomplished by the United States, Russia, and China.

This remarkable success showcases India’s growing capabilities in space exploration and technology, cementing its position as a critical player in the global space community.

“The region that our mission will explore will help open new avenues for moon missions of other countries,” Modi told mission staff at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) premises in Bengaluru.

“This will not only unravel the mysteries of the Moon but also help resolve the Earth’s challenges.”

This week’s successful lunar mission comes four years after India faced a setback with its previous lunar attempt, which failed during its final descent. This failure was perceived as a significant blow to the country’s space program. Prime Minister Modi commended the scientists for their perseverance and for drawing lessons from past failures, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the mission to the Moon.

“I salute your hard work, patience, perseverance and passion,” he said as cited by AFP.

India’s space program, although modestly funded, has shown remarkable growth and progress since its initial lunar orbiter mission in 2008. This is evident in Chandrayaan-3’s budget of $74.6 million, substantially more economical than numerous missions conducted by other nations, underscoring India’s adeptness in cost-effective space engineering.

India can save money using existing technology and skilled engineers who earn much less than their foreign peers.

ISRO has a busy schedule ahead. With a crewed mission next year, a joint Moon probe with Japan by 2025, and a Venus orbital mission within two years, exciting times lie ahead for India’s space exploration endeavours.

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