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Indian Union refuses arms shipments to Israel amid Gaza conflict


The Secretary-General of the Indian Water Transport Workers Federation has announced that ships carrying weapons for Israel will not be loaded or unloaded.

Narender Rao stated, “The union refrains from participating in any action that exacerbates the suffering of Palestinians.”

Rao told Middle East News Agency on Sunday “We have decided to sanction and not cooperate with any ship carrying arms or ammunition for Israel.”

The federation asserts it will always stand against war and the slaughter of innocents, such as women and children.

The Indian Seafarers Federation also recalled the “fragmentation of women and children” during Israel’s invasion of Gaza, stating it was an act of solidarity with Palestinians.

This federation’s action comes amid heightened military cooperation between India and Israel, including an Indian company supplying drones used in the Gaza conflict.

Human rights activists in India argue that India’s arms aid will contribute to the “genocide of Palestinians.”

India is the largest buyer of Israeli arms, possessing about 46% of all weapons sold by Israel worldwide. Some Indian companies also manufacture various Israeli weapons in their factories.



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