January 19, 2018

India wants to deny Pakistan strategic depth in Afghanistan

By Sajad - Mon Dec 24 2012, 9:32 pm

Afghanistan and India relationsAccording to a report released by US congress, India is looking to prevent Afghanistan to become a strategic depth for Pakistan and in the meantime is not keen to have a major security role in Afghanistan to inflame the Islamabad’s sentiments, The Economic Times reported.

The report by prepared by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) also termed Kabul’s handling of its two crucial neighbours a ‘delicate balancing act’.

In a bid to help the congressmen make informed decisions Congressional Research Service (CRS) provides periodic report.

According to the report New Delhi is wary of the reconciliation efforts with the Taliban and the report also details India’s activities which are inverse of Pakistan.

CRS Afghan report said, “The interests and activities of India in Afghanistan are the inverse of those of Pakistan: India’s goals are to deny Pakistan ‘strategic depth’ in Afghanistan, to deny Pakistan the ability to block India from trade and other connections to Central Asia and beyond, and to prevent militants in Afghanistan from attacking Indian targets in Afghanistan.”

The report further added India in the recent past has stepped up contact with Northern Alliance, which it supported in the past. This comes as India is wary the recent reconciliation efforts with the Taliban, which will give Pakistan more influence in Afghanistan.

“India saw the Afghan Taliban’s hosting of al Qaeda during 1996-2001 as a major threat to India itself because of al Qaeda’s association with radical Islamic organisations in Pakistan, such as LeT….,” the report said.

In the meantime the report says United States is backing the delicate balancing by Afghanistan after soughting close ties to India without alarming Pakistan.

The report also added Hamid Karzai visited Delhi to sign the “strategic partnership” pact with India following recriminations against Pakistan shortly after former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani was assassinated last year.

According to CRS report the pact between Afghanistan and Pakistan affirmed Pakistan’s worst fears because it gave India, for the first time, a formal role as one of the guarantors of Afghan stability, and provided for expanded India-Afghanistan political and cultural ties.

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