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India sends arms to Israel, inks Chabahar pact with Iran: Diplomatic Maneuvers decoded

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Fidel Rahmati
Fidel Rahmati
Fidai Rahmati is the editor and content writer for Khaama Press. You may follow him at Twitter @FidelRahmati

In a strategic move, India dispatched a 27-ton weapons shipment to Israel while concurrently signing a significant Chabahar Pact with Iran, marking a milestone in Delhi’s diplomatic maneuvers. As tensions simmer in the volatile Middle East, India’s deft balancing act reflects its nuanced approach to navigating regional complexities and fostering key alliances amidst turbulent geopolitical waters.

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and Gaza, India has emerged as a crucial supplier of ammunition to Israel, playing a pivotal role in the crisis.

However, this delicate arms diplomacy hasn’t gone unnoticed. A Danish-flagged ship carrying explosive material from India to Israel was denied port facilities in Spain, highlighting the scrutiny surrounding such shipments.

In a surprising move, India signed a 10-year contract to operate Iran’s strategic port of Chabahar in May 2024. This move reveals the intricacies of India’s diplomatic strategy in the Middle East, balancing relationships between adversaries.

India aims to balance its interests in the Middle East, particularly between Iran and Israel, amid the ongoing conflict. As it navigates strategic alliances, questions arise about the implications of its arms exports and broader peace efforts.

The enmity between Iran and Israel is primarily ideological rather than based on geopolitical disputes. Recent escalations, including attacks and retaliations, have raised concerns about a potentially devastating conflict in the region.

Despite the tensions, India and Israel share a significant defense partnership, with India being a major buyer of Israeli arms. India’s support for Israel during the crisis includes supplying ammunition and drones.

These developments have garnered international attention, but India’s engagement with Iran remains robust. Despite threats from the US sanctions, India has continued its agreements with Iran, such as the Chabahar port deal.


The Chabahar Port Agreement underscores India’s commitment to enhancing regional connectivity and trade. India’s involvement in Chabahar dates back to 2016, emphasizing its long-term regional strategic interests.

Chabahar has played a vital role in facilitating trade and humanitarian aid, serving as a crucial transit route for Indian goods to reach Afghanistan and Central Asia, bypassing Pakistan.

India’s diplomatic strategy in the Middle East is complex, extending beyond bilateral ties to countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Despite challenges, the region remains critical to India’s strategic considerations.

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