January 18, 2018

India has deployed 25,000 troops to Afghanistan, LeT founder claims

By Ghanizada - Sun Jul 13 2014, 1:35 pm

Hafiz SaeedJamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed has claimed that India has deployed 25,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Saeed, who has been accused of plotting the 2008 Mumbai terror attack, has reportedly warned Pakistan regarding India’s plan for troops deployment in Afghanistan with an aim to target Pakistan.

Speaking durig seminar at the Lahore High Court building on Thursday, Saeed said, “India has sent 25,000 soldiers to Afghanistan and more Indian troops are on their way. The Indian forces will achieve its design against Pakistan sitting in Afghanistan. The presence of Indian forces in Afghanistan is a great threat to Pakistan’s integrity.”

He also claimed that US was behind the deployment of Indian forces on Pakistan’s western border.

“The US wants to teach a lesson to Pakistan by patronising India. America had also wanted to target Pakistan’s atomic programme while sitting in Afghanistan, but it miserably failed because of the sacrifices of Muslims,” Saeed quoted by India Today newspaper said.

Washington had added the LeT’s affiliates including the JuD to its list of designated terror organisations and slapped sanctions against two Pakistan-based Lashkar leaders last month.

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  1. Afghanistan is descending into chaos and there is need to bring about stability in the region which has not seen peace since 1979  when the Soviet Union invaded. Pakistan is trying to incrase its footprint in the area and this is not in the interest of the region and hence India must work to bring about tranquility in the region.

    1. You are absolutely right my dear, India and Afghanistan always had a good and fantastic relationship for decades.

  2. Its just bulshits, Afghans are lions and lion don’t need support from the people like India.

    1. “Lions”. I agree Afghans have been fighting bravely, but do not comapare them with “Lions”,

  3. Just brain washing Against Mujahideen in Waziristan who are fighing Napak Army. Napak army is funded by US government they want to set up US based government and don’t want to established Islamic Khilafat on the land of Pakistan we as a Muslims should be in the favor Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan not Pak Army.

    1. TTP = Kharijis
      They are people who call for Sharia, while killing only Muslims, and taking money from Hindus.

  4. Afghanistan has border and laws it is not a forest where anyone could come anytime. This Paki shaitan is lieing.

  5. Another attempt by an ISI stooge to misguide Pakistani Taliban. They are sowing what they reap and deserve the destruction that they have brought to our land….The epicenter of hate and terror has always been Pakistan thanks to it’s cowardly Generals & ISI

  6. PORKISTAN IS A MUNAFIQ country , they stab AMERICA , INDIA , AFGHANISTAN from the back.Afghanistan and INDIA will not trust PORKISTAN ever never, or be friend with them because we know that they have two face , so no way to have a friendship with that kind of country , EVEN IF AFGHANISTAN , would not need troops from India , AFGHANISTAN would love to have them troops in AFGHANISTAN , we AFGHANZ see INDIA closed to AFGHANISTAN than ANY DAAAL KHOOORS PORKISTANI. ZENDABAD AFGHANISTAN AND INDIA.

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