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India concerned over Pakistan shelling in eastern Afghanistan

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The government of India expressed conerns regarding cross-border shelling from Pakistan into eastern provinces of Afghanistan and urged for an immediate halt to the shelling.

Radha Kumar Representative of India who participated in trilateral non-governmental session of Afghanistan, India and Pakistan in western Herat province said peace in Afghanistan is for the interest of the entire region.

The session was organized in western Herat province which focused on the role of regional countries in Afghanistan affairs.

The International Conference on Regional Countries role in Afghanistan Affairs is will be held for two days in the historical fort of Ikhtiaruddin in Herat province.

Representatives from than 20 countries besides Pakistan and India are participating in the conference.

Chief of the Afghanistan Strategic Studies Institute Daud Muradian said, “Today’s session was orgnanized in a semi-official way and the main motive behind the session is to attract regional coopration among Afghanistan, Pakistan and India for regional cooperation.”

Mr. Muradian said one of the major achievemnt of the conference was to gain commitments by India and Pakistan to end violence in Afghanistan.

Radha Kumar Executive Director of the Delhi Policy Group and representative of India in this coference expressed her concerns regarding the cross-border shelling from Pakistan and urged for the expansion of democracy and long term stability in the region.

This is the first time that the Indian government expressed concerns regarding the cross-border shelling into eastern provinces of Afghanistan, which has been continuing for the past few months that led to local residents casualties and damages to properties.

In the meantime representative of the Pakistan who participated in the conference called for regional cooperation to end violence in Afghanistan and emphasized on the importance Delhi’s role in Afghanistan.

Afrasiab Khatak Pakistani senator and representative in the conference emphasized for joint campaing against terrorism in Afghanistan.

He said, “Delhi and Islamabad have never been rivals of each other and the two nations should work together to fight terrorism.”

Mr. Khatak also emphasized on the importance of trialteral session which will have positive on the region.

This comes as a number of US officials also urged for regional cooperation as a key factor to fight terrorism in Afghanistan that threatens the region and entire world.

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  1. It is most unfortunate that the president and the prime minister of Pakistan are in their offices but they are not in-charge of the country and no one knows who is doing what . Civilian politicians are saying one thing and army and ISI saying some different , the latter are actually in-charge and running the country .
    Pakistan as a country with great potential has lost direction under the current leadership who is fighting for his own political survival and fighting the Supreme Court in his own country .
    The country is in a mess and the economy is in crisis point without the US help it will certainly collapse within a month . Unemployment is rising and the security is getting worse and life is getting harder and harder every day for every one in the country so where we go from here .
    I am not against Pakistan or Pakistani people but I married one but I feel sorry for what is happening in Pakistan today which urgently need political reform to change every thing  from top to bottom in order to save the country from disintegration .


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