IndiaIndia will by 36 Rafale fighter jets which is equipped with a wide range of weapons from France. The cost is estimated to be worthed around 4.2 US dollars.

Indian premier Narendra Modi announced on Friday that he has order France to supply them with 36 Rafale fighter jets.

While talking to a joint news conference at Elysee Palace Narendra Modi said: “I asked the president Hollande to supply us with 36 Rafale jet fighter planes, the ready-to-fly models,”

“France has always been a reliable supplier for India from jet fighters to submarines,” Modi said,

French President Francois Hollande said the deal took both countries “into a new gear.”

The discussion initially began in 2012 for buying Rafale 126 fighters jets from France to replace some of the ageing fleet of India’s air force but the discussion is still ongoing to get all 126 fighters jets.

The announcement comes days after India’s rival Pakistan received an OK from United States for purchasing 15 Viper attack helicopters.

Some Indian defense analyzers believe that India needs to replace its ageing air force fleet in the face of opposing neighbors.