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India asks international community to reconsider military force pullback from Afghanistan

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India has asked international community to review the plan of withdrawing troops from Afghanistan after rising security concerns.

“Given the critical phase that the political transition has entered, and the deteriorating security situation, we feel there is a strong case for the international community to take a fresh look at the manner in which the draw down of the international military presence in Afghanistan is being planned out.” Asoke Kumar Mukerji India’s permanent representative to UN told the Security Council on Monday.
Citing the latest report of Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, on Afghanistan that showed an increase of 45 % in armed conflicts compared to the last year, Mukerji said these statistics “only reinforces our view that terrorism, and not tribal differences or ethnic rivalries is the main source of insecurity and instability in Afghanistan.”
Nicholas Haysom, the head of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), expressed concern over the presence of possibly thousands of foreign fighters in Afghanistan.

He said that Islamic State “Daesh” is trying to establish a foothold in the troubled nation.

Haysom called for greater regional involvement and collaboration to meet the threat from these forces.
India’s permanent representative to the UN, without naming any country, then told the council that foreign fighters would not be able to enter to Afghanistan without support from beyond Afghanistan’s borders. “It is obvious that they could not have entered Afghanistan, or continue to sustain their terror attacks without support from beyond Afghanistan’s borders,” he said.

NATO-led coalition forces had some 140,000 troops in Afghanistan before the start of this year but now only about 12,500 troops are remaining to run the Resolute Support Mission for training and advising Afghan forces.

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