October 21, 2018

India approves $1 million for the construction of Kandahar cricket stadium

By Ghanizada - Fri Aug 08 2014, 10:16 pm

Indian constructs Kandahar cricket stadiumThe government of India has approved USD 1 million for the construction of cricket stadium in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) said Friday that a proposal was sent to the Indian embassy requesting USD 1 million fund for the construction of a standard cricket stadium in Kandahar province.

ACB further added that construction work of the stadium will be started in the near future in Aino Meena city, after the proposal was approved by the Indian government.

A letter issued by the Indian embassy in this regard was also released by Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), which states: “Excellency, In your capacity as the Chief Patron of the Afghan Cricket Board (ACB), you will be happy to know that Government of India has just approved US$ 1 million for construction of the Kandahar Cricket stadium at Aino Mena, Kandahar under the Small Development Project Scheme. This was a project that ACB has been closely following with us and we will be working with them to have the work started on this important project at the earliest.”

The letter further added, “We have released that sports, both cricket and football, have united the country and enthused the youth as nothing else. We hope that this new facility, and the various initiatives taken by ACB would further popularize cricket and bring greater glory to the nation. We are encouraged by Afghan cricket team’s recent performance in Zimbabwe.”

In the meantime, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) chief executive, Dr. Noor Mohammad Murad, called the approval of the funds for the construction of Kandahar Cricket stadium, a major achievement and congratulated the residents of Kandahar province.

Dr. Murad also thanked the Indian government and Indian embassy in Kabul for approving the funds for the construction of Kandahar Cricket Stadium.

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  1. Heaps of thanks to our great Indian friends who has been helping Afghanistan and its people continually and supports the prosperity in Afghanistan and down to prokies who sends us suicide bombers!

    1. Glad to know how much u love India. 🙂
      Best wishes with Afghanistan and its peoples.God bless 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Hope it enthuses afghan youngsters in taking sports in their country to new heights.

  3. We Afghans and specially Kandahar residents are very grateful of the support that India has always provided for the development of Afghanistan and specially the southern region. Approval of fund for construction of cricket stadium in Kandahar is yet another generous step toward a prosperous Afghanistan and another prove of Afghan-India friendly relation. We are thankful of giving hand in hard times to Afghans. All your projects such as giving scholarships to Afghan students, building of grand agriculture university in Kandahar and so many others are in mind of Afghans and particularly Kandaharians.

  4. Congratulations and all the best to the Afghan team.  Indian and Indians are always with you in your revival from decades of exported terrorism from your neighbor.  Hopefully, this construction will not only improve the cricketing ties, but also generate secondary spin-off/supporting industries (ex: local league clubs, cricket equipment manufacturing units, hotels, restaurants etc).  Best wishes!!

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