The stray dogs in Karte Naw area, PD8, Kabul – Mohib Ali/Khaama Press

Increase of stray dogs in key parts of Kabul city, including roads, roundabouts, parks, and other public areas have sparked concerns among Kabul city residents.

A resident of 10th police district of Kabul city Abdul Qayoum told Khaama Press that an increase in stray dogs prevent the residents of the city to freely walk in roads or go to mosque during the night and in dawn.

Qayoum further added that stray dogs often assault people in groups and there are concerns that these dogs could transmit dangerous diseases via teeth bites.

In the meantime, the director of maintenance department in Kabul Municipallity Ahmad Behzad said they have launched a vaccination program together with an international organization that supports animals and around 30 thousand dogs have been vaccinated since the launch of program three years ago.

Behzad further added that sterilization of stray dogs is considered in the future program of Kabul Municipality which would be launched in coming two weeks.

Accordig to Behzad, Kabul Municipality findings show that 36 thousand stray dogs exist in 22 police districts of Kabul city.

However, the head of animals clinic in Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club Dr. Feroz Mohammadi says that the stray dogs are attacking people due to the misbehaviors they encounter daily.

Dr. Mohammadi further added that people scorn and misbehave with stray dogs which in turn sparks reaction from dogs.

According to Dr. Mohammadi, dogs are more clever as compared to other animals and are forced to show reaction for their self defense when they are humiliated.

In regards to an increase in numbers of stray of dogs, Dr. Mohammadi said lack of administrative programs and lack coordinations between the concerned government bodies are to be blamed in this regard, emphasizing that the issue should be resolved by Animals Health Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation and district municipalities.

He also added that the administration and control of stray dogs unfortunately has no place in programs of the government and the government has so far remained incurious in this regard.

Afghanistan German Shepherd Dog Club’s pets clinic receives dozens of ill dogs on daily basis

This comes as no proper organization exist to work for animals rights in Afghanistan and the only dogs and pets center was inaugurated in Afghanistan last year.

The Executive Director of Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club Jamshid Sherzai told Khaama Presss that the center was inaugurated a year ago to provide services to those who own dog pets.

Pet owners including those who had dogs and cats were not aware of how to deal with the health issues of their pets before the inauguration of this center and didn’t know which types of foods should be given to their pets and where to apply when their pets fall ill or where to get animal foods from, Sherzai said, adding that the inauguration of Afghanistan German Shepherd Dogs Club has resolved these issues by providing foods and other required equipment.

He said pet owners still face these issues in provinces as no proper service centers exist in those areas, adding that they always receive complaints from provinces in this regard.

According to Sherzai, hundreds of people contact them on daily basis from the provinces and enquire about the inauguration of the provncial branches for the pets center.

Sherzai said that these issues would be resolved if local traders pay attention to this and invest in opening of pets service centers, adding that Afghanistan German Shepherd Service Center has the capabilities to cooperate with the vaccination and sterilization of stray dogs if the government asks their help in this regard.