Owners of private schools and universities in the Afghan capital Kabul complain that they have lost 60% of their students as the new educational year has just begun across Afghanistan.

The owners say that the ongoing humanitarian crisis and economic situation in the country have adversely affected the livelihood, thus most of the families have changed their children to study in public schools.

Further, they added they have announced satisfying discount though, less number of students have turned up this year.

Meanwhile, owners of private universities in Afghanistan also complain about the number of students adding most of the students have quit studying.

When it comes to universities, the case is not the same in schools meaning there is no law based on which a student from a private university can be shifted to a public one that is free.

The situation will lead to less number of qualified people will badly affect the future of the country.

It comes as the Taliban have banned teenage girls from attending classes at schools while boys are allowed to.