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May Taliban take over Afghanistan, Pakistan’s army will not intervene: Imran Khan

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Khaama Press
Khaama Press
Khaama Press is a Kabul-based independent and non-political news organization established in 2010.

In an interview released on Friday, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that if the Taliban takes over Afghanistan by force, Pakistan would not intervene militarily, Arab News reported.

Imran Khan spoke with New York Times about Pakistan’s future plans in the context of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan by 11th September.

Imran Khan responded to the question of what Pakistan would do if the Taliban gained control of Afghanistan as “let me assure you, we will do everything except using military action against the Taliban”.

“Now, we are fencing it, and almost 90 percent of the border, we’ve fenced now,” Khan stated. “What if [the] Taliban try to take over Afghanistan through [the] military? Then we will seal the border because now we can, because we have fenced our border, which was previously [open], because Pakistan does not want to get into, number one, conflict, secondly, we do not want another influx of refugees”, he further explained.

When asked if Pakistan would recognize the Taliban if they carried out a full military takeover of Afghanistan, Khan responded, “Pakistan will only recognize a government chosen by the people of Afghanistan, whichever government they choose.”

In response to questions on Pakistan’s future relationship with the United States following the departure of American soldiers from Afghanistan, Prime Minister Khan stated that Pakistan has always had a closer relationship with the US than India.

“After 9/11, Pakistan again opted to join the US war on terror. Now, after the US leaves Afghanistan, basically Pakistan would want a civilized relationship, which you have between nations, and we would like to improve our trading relationship with the US,” he said.

However, the former White House National Security Advisor, John Bolton, in an exclusive interview stated that “Pakistan is a safe haven for Taliban”, and “Pakistan’s intelligence and other internal circles have been in contact with the Taliban for decades”. He accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban.

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  1. Lets be honest here the only way Afghanistan can be stable if the the people within the country see them self as a nation it has been always been a tribal conflict within different ethnicity change can only come within.

    • Pakistan is not a natural nation,
      It might be simpler for Afghanistan to regain its territory west of Indus (same Afghans ) and India to West Punjab with Sikh capital of Lahore. Sindh or Hind is again culturally and linguistically closer to India. Consequently a natural solution would be balkanisation of Pakistan. Problem of State sponsored terrorism would end.
      World would be very peaceful.

      • To those who have created;
        Dissolve Pakistan!
        A nation on none!
        A COVID virus of war!
        A master of lost hypocrscy!

      • Why not Balkanization of whole Sub-continent and revival of national states in Sub-continent to end whole fuss this region is facing since past 8 decades? Greater Bengal, Greater Punjab, ultimately confining so-called Hindustan to regions where Hindi plus its Arabic version Urdu is spoken.

  2. As an Indian I find that statement by Imran Khan hilarious. I mean it’s we who are in the Quad. We were invited to attend the G7 not Pakistan.


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