At least three French soldiers were killed in a roadside bomb incident on Monday in the Hombori region in Mali, according to French media their armored vehicle struck an explosive device.

The killed soldiers belong to France’s Operation Barkhane mission, an operation to fight extremist insurgency in the Sahel region of Africa.

As part of 5000 troops, they were working in an area “where terrorist groups are attacking civilians and threatening the regional stability”, Florence Parly, French Defense Minister was quoted by VOA.

These soldiers were identified as 28-year-old Brig. Chief Tanerii Mauri, Fighters 1st Class Dorian Issakhanian23 and Quentin Pauchet, 21.

French President, Emmanuel Macron stated, that “France’s determination to continue the fight against terrorism” and praised the efforts of French soldiers in the troubled region.

VOA reported that earlier in September in a similar incident in northern mali, two French soldiers were killed and one was wounded with their armed vehicle hit an explosive device.

Since January 2013, 44 soldiers have died in the Sahel.