An IED explosion killed a civilian in northern Balkh province, said an official.

According to Munir Ahmad Farhad, Balkh Governer’s spokesperson, the explosive device was placed in a vehicle, which caused the death of one Afghan civilian.

Mr. Farhad said three other people got minor wounds on Saturday moring’s bomb blast. The explosion occurred in the 10th district (PD10) of Mazar-e-Sharif City.

As usual, the blast once more distracted the relatively peaceful situation of Mazar-e-Sharif city and its people.

Since last year, nearly 7,400 civilians were killed and wounded in suicide attacks and explosions across the country. Meanwhile, according to the finding of the Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, 2,219 people were killed, and 5,170 others were wounded in 2019.

IED blasts and explosions have become the most common strategy among terrorist groups targeting government organizations, donor agencies, and foreign nationals in the last couple of years.


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