November 21, 2018

IEC Chief demands strict actions against those attempting to disrupt elections

By Khaama Press - Sun Sep 23 2018, 11:15 am

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) Chief Gul Jan Abadul Badi Sayad has demanded strict actions against those who are attempting to disrupt the elections.

Speaking during a meeting in ARG Palace on Saturday evening, Sayad said the security of the voters and candidates must be ensured as he emphasized that government should take strict actions against those who are attempting to disrupt the elections process.

The Office of the President, ARG Palace, in a statement said the final meeting of the defense and security sectors was organized on Saturday evening to discuss the security and safety of the parliamentary elections.

The statement further added that the senior deputy interior minister for security Gen. Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi and the defense ministry’s chief of staff Gen. Mohamamd Sharif Yaftali spoke regarding the security arrangements for the upcoming elections.

The senior security and defense officials emphasized on full cooperation of the security and defense institutions during the elections day.

According to ARG Palace, the defense and security officials assured the people, government, and election commission that necessary precautions would be in place to ensure the security of the elections.

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