noor-mohammad-iecThe Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced Tuesday that around 90 percent of votes from the runoff election have been audited.

IEC spokesman, Noor Mohammad Noor, told reporters that the audit teams have managed to audit 20,501 ballot boxes out of 22,828 boxes so far.

Noor further added only 2,327 ballot boxes have been left for the audit which will be completed in the next few days.

He said the commission has so far taken decision regarding 57 percent of ballots from across the country.

According to Noor, the final election results will be announced soon and only few days have been left to complete the audit and invalidation process.

This comes as Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s camp warned on Monday that they will completely withdraw from audit process and talks on national unity government formation if their demands were not met on Tuesday.

The electoral team of Dr. Abdullah pulled out all its observers from the audit process last week, claiming that the audit and invalidation process was not conducted fairly.