UN-designate of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Suhail Shaheen welcomed the UN Secretary-General’s demand over releasing nearly $10 billion of Afghanistan’s central bank.

Suhail Shaheen in a series of Twitter posts said that Antonio Guterres has reflected the ground realities by saying “freezing temperature and freezing assets are a lethal combination for the people of Afghanistan”.

“I appreciate the Secretary-General Mr. Antonio Guterres statement bringing to the attention the situation of the Afghanistan people in this harsh winter.” Reads a Twitter post.

He added that rules and conditions that prevent money from being used to save lives and the economy must be suspended in this emergency situation.

Speaking in New York on Thursday Antonio Guterres said that over half of the population of Afghanistan needs life-saving assistance, thus the International Community should concert the cooperation.

He had expressed concern over the situation in Afghanistan saying people are selling children to provide food for sibling and bur their entities to warm homes.