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ICRC to support Afghanistan despite Taliban attack

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ICRC AfghansitanA group of militants attacked International Committee of the Red Cross in eastern Jalalabad city of Afghanistan on Wednesday, 29 May 2013, killing at least one security guard and injuring three others.

Gerardo Pantrandolphe, ICRC chief in Afghanistan in response to a question said it is yet not clear who was behind the attack and an investigation has been launched in this regard with a comprehensive review to find out why the attack was carried out.

In regards to Taliban militant’s statement that ruled out the group’s involvement behind the incident, Gerardo said we are aware of their statement and will include it in our analysis.

He also added that ICRC will not wind down all its operations in Afghanistan, and will continue with collecting the information to complete the preliminary analysis.

ICRC chief in Afghanistan, Gerardo Pantrandolphe also said that it will be early to conclude the impact of the incident on ICRC’s activities in Afghanistan.

“We will continue with our orthopaedic, medical services and other activities across the country. We have closed our office in Jalalabad but orthopaedic services of ICRC is active there.” Gerardo said.

But he said we have taken a number of our foreign staff out of the country which will have an impact on ICRC activities in the country.

In the meantime he said that ICRC remains committed to support Afghanistan in the long term, but there will be a balance between the activities and the number of ICRC staff to carry out the activities.

Gerardo said that ICRC will be able to determine our humanitarian activities once the investigation and analysis regarding the recent incident has been completed.

He said all ICRC staff are saddened with the death of employee and ICRC will continue financial and moral support to his family.

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