The International Cricket Council (ICC) may consider Test Status for the Afghanistan National Cricket team, it has been reported.

The Ireland team is also in consideration of ICC for Test Status as part of an overhaul which will be discussed during the meeting between 2 to 5th February in Dubai.

The proposals, if approved, for the overhaul to bring changes in governance and finance structures will include Afghanistan and Ireland as the new Test-playing nations.

The consideration to give Test Status to the two countries will be in addition to the existing ten teams which have full membership.

But reports suggest that the grant of Test Status will not necessarily mean that Afghanistan and Ireland will gain full membership.

This comes as the Afghanistan national cricket team had major achievements during the recent years.

According to reports, the consideration of Test Status for Afghanistan and Ireland comes as the two teams had better performances although there could be contenders in the Netherlands and Scotland as well.

That decision will lead to another logical proposal – the twotier Test system, according to Mumbai Mirror newspaper.

The plan was previously abandoned because of the opposition from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) but much water has gone through the Arabian Sea since that plan was shot down six months ago.

The ICC policy makers think that this is the best time to push the reforms as the BCCI is not on a strong wicket. It is unlikely the Indian board will agree to it, as it does not want to distance itself from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the countries that will be badly affected by the new system.

The contentious finance distribution model will also be discussed but one is not sure how much will be the projected loss for the BCCI from the previously agreed system. One theory is that the BCCI will lose somewhere between Rs 1500-1800 crore if the new finance model is approved.