December 15, 2017

Hungarian camerawoman fired for deliberately kicking and tripping over migrants

By Khaama Press - Wed Sep 09 2015, 8:35 pm

Hungarian camerawoman kick migrants

A Hungarian camerawoman was fired after she was caught on camera deliberately kicking and tripping over fleeing migrants .

The act by the camerawoman sparked an outraged on social media as well after she was seen in the film tripping a man running with a child in his arms.

The man screams in disbelief after he falls on top of the boy as they tumble to the ground with man carrying all his belongings with him.

The camerawoman identified as Petra Laszlo could also face a criminal investigation as moments later she was seen kicking other migrants as they run including a young girl in the leg.

The Editor in Chief of N1TV station Szabolcs Kisberk said the videographer has been fired calling her behavior as completely unacceptable.

Thousands of people took to a Facebook “shame wall” to criticize her acts by labeling her ‘pathetic’ and ‘disgraceful’.

Laszlo was filming Syrian refugees as they fled across a field on the Hungarian-Serbian border.

She could face a sentence of up to five years in prison as the opposition parties Együtt-PM and the Democratic Coalition are saying they will seek to initiate charges of violence against a member of the community.

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