Friday, June 2, 2023

Hundreds of people protest against closure of banks in Kabul

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Hundreds of men and women took to the streets of Kabul on Saturday, August 28, to protest against the closure of the central bank, private banks, and money-changing markets across the country.

They asked for their money as they have been facing severe problems due to lack of money.

People have also gathered at the gates of private banks and semi-private-Kabul Bank- but they were not given their own money.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on Thursday directed all banks to reopen and resume functions as normal from Saturday, August 28, onward.

Despite the direction and assurance of security by the Taliban to private banks, the banks’ employees do not dare to come to jobs and resume functions as normal.

The banks’ owners say that they cannot resume operation until the central bank of Afghanistan –De Afghanistan Bank- opens.

On the other hand, money-changing markets and money changers who have been playing a vital role when it comes to financial deals ascribed their operations and resumption to the resumption of the central bank.

Banks have been closed now for nearly two weeks which has left millions of people out of money.

Employers are not able to pay their staff and the employees who have money in their accounts are not able to withdraw to support their lives.

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