Nangarhar Governor HouseHundreds of families have been displaced because of continued clashes between the fighters of the two militant groups of Daesh and Taliban in eastern Nangarhar province.

Some of these families have arrived at the provincial capital city Jalalabad where they are in dire need of first aid.

Both the militant groups have killed dozens of each others fighters during these clashes. They have announced “Jihad” against each other.

Daesh fighters are the former members of Taliban group who announced allegiance to the militant group after the announcement of the province of Khorasaan in recent months.

The two sides have fought in a number of provinces but the most deadly clashes erupted in eastern Nangarhar province recently.

Haska Meena, Achin and Bati Kot are among the districts of Nangarhar province where both sides have killed/beheaded dozens of each others fighters during clashes which also forced people free from their homes.

Ahmadzia Abdulzai, spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province confirms that a number of families have been displaced from Bati Kot District but he did not have a specific number of them.