Hundreds of Afghan religious scholars, Ulemas, issued a joint Fatwa (religious verdict) against the ongoing conflict mainly led by the Taliban group.

The Fatwa was issued during a large gathering attended by hundreds of religious scholars in capital Kabul today.

The religious scholars said the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has no legitimacy, insisting that the war being waged under the guise of Jihad has no justification in Sharia law.

The Fatwa issued by the religious scholars state that explosions aimed at killing people, divisions, insurgency, corruption, robbery, kidnappings, violence, and suicide attacks are considered as major sins in the religion of Islam.

They also added that the killing of innocent people and Muslims has been strictly prohibited in the holy Quran.

In the meantime, the religious called on the Taliban group to participate in reconciliation process and positively respond to the offer of the Afghan government in a bid to end the ongoing violence in the country.

The religious scholars also added that they are prepared to mediate between the government and the Taliban group in a bid to help revive the peace process.