Dr. Humayun AziziThe new provincial governor for the southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan was appointed by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) said Monday that Dr. Humayun Azizi was appointed as new governor of Kandahar province after his nomination was approved by the Presidential Palace.

According to IDLG officials, Dr. Azizi has served as provincial council chief for western Herat province and governmental minister in parliamentarian affairs.

Dr. Toryalai Weesa was previously serving as provincial governor for Kandahar province.

Dr. Azizi’s appointment as the new provincial governor of Kandahar province comes as there have been growing criticisms towards the government of national unity for delaying the appointment of the new governors, specifically for the key provinces.

This comes as the cabinet of the government of national unity was completed with the approval of 16 minister-designates by the Lower House of the Parliament ten days ago, leaving the key Ministry of Defense without a minister-in-charge as no nominee has been introduced since Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi was rejected by the lawmakers who was nominated for the post earlier this year.