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How an Afghan refugee sexually assaulted a female aid worker in the US

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Matiullah Matie appears in Marathon County Court for an initial appearance. (WSAW)

An Afghan refugee who claimed to be a tribal leader in Afghanistan was convicted of a fourth-degree sexual assault case on February 2nd in Wasau, the United States will face another court meeting in July.

Matiullah Matie, a 40-year-old Afghan refugee who was recently evacuated from Afghanistan has pleaded not guilty to a four-degree sexual assault case.

How Matiullah Matie has sexually assaulted a female caseworker is described in the victim’s court complaint documents, WAOW TV reported.

The worker, identified only by her initials, was invited by Matiullah Matie for dinner at his home.

Shortly after she arrived, she was asked by Matie to step outside to have a drink. Court records say she drove Matie to a nearby gas station so he wouldn’t be seen drinking by his wife and children.

Once there, Matie poured the pair drinks, which the aid worker said she felt pressured to consume. In the complaint, she told police Matie repeatedly told her, “Finish your drink.” She said this happened at least twice.

The aid worker said Matie then kissed her, first on both cheeks, then forcing his tongue into her mouth. She said he also took her hand and forced it against his groin area.

This comes as Matie is the patriarch of one of two families that resettled in Wausau recently from Afghanistan. He shared his story with NewsChannel 7 for on-camera interviews that aired on Jan. 24 and Jan. 31 during the newscasts.

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