kidnappers-arrested-in-kandaharThe Afghan security forces rescued a hostage in southern Kandahar province of Afghanistan as the hostages demanded a ransom of 5 million Pakistan Rupees against his release.

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said a group of 4 suspects were arrested in connection to the kidnapping of the man in Kandahar.

MoI further added that the suspects have been identified as Latif, Mohammad, Najibullah, and Abdul Ajad.

The group had kidnapped a man from the vicinity of Kandahar province and were demanding a ransom of PKR 5 million for his release, MoI said, adding that the police forces conducted a special military operation on Saturday night to rescue the man and arrest the kidnappers.

According to MoI, the operation was conducted in the vicinity of 6th police district of the city.

This comes as kidnap for ransom cases have been on the rise across the country during the recent months.

A group of kidnappers were arrested during an operation by the Afghan intelligence operatives late last week after they kidnapped in western Farah province of Afghanistan.

The operation was launched days after a horrific video of the kid emerged online with the family members of the kid saying the kidnappers were demanding a large sum for his release.