Camel kicks US soldier in AfghanistanA hilarious video has gone viral which shows a US soldier kicked by a camel in Afghanistan while he tries to smack the animal on its backside.

The soldier who appears to be named Frank was reportedly going through a bet a slap a camel on its backside but received a hard kick in the side from the animal leaving his comrades in hysterical laughter.

The soldiers were apparently on a patrol when they came across with the camel and one of the soldiers worked up enough courage to try and touch it.

One of the soldiers holding the camera said “Okay this might be the worst idea in the whole f******* world but ready, Frank?”

Replying to another soldier’s call to touch the animal, Frank says “Touch him? He’s gonna buck me. I just want to smack him in the a** and get out of here.”

“He’s going to bite the s*** out of you,” some of the onlookers said as if they already knew what to expect.

Kneeling over in pain before walking away as his comrades continue laughing, the soldier says “Not as cool as I thought.”

It is not clear when and where the video was made but it was posted to LiveLeak on Monday and has since been viewed more 87,000 times.


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