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High Council of Jihadi and National Parties boycotts Consultative Peace Jirga

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High Council of Jihadi and National Parties boycotts Consultative Peace Jirga

The High Council of Jihadi and National Parties comprising of several formal and prominent political parties boycotted the Consultative Peace Jirga following a meeting of the leaders of the council which was organized in the residence of Syed Mansoor Naderi, the leader of Paiwand Millie Party of Afghanistan and member of the leadership council of Jihadi and National Parties.

According to a statement released by Paiwand Millie Party of Afghanistan, the meeting focused on recent developments in the country, including the issue of Consultative Loya Jirga, peace summit due to be organized in Qatar, and completion of the term of government of national unity led by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.

The statement further added that the participants of the meeting called reconciliation process as the only fundamental need of the people of the country considering the existing critical situation of the country while considering Jirgas, national and historical benevolent gatherings as an accepted value and tradition of the elders of the country.

However, the statement added that the leaders of the High Council of National and Jihadi parties consider the Consultative Peace Jirga as a unilateral move by the government and in contrast with the national constitution and other enforced laws of the country.

The leaders of the council also added that they not consider the consultative peace Jirga in favour of the nation and current situation of the country considering its dramatic and biased nature which follows specific aims for election campaigns.

The statement also added that leaders of the government have so far not consulted with the leaders of the political parties, presidential candidates, independent national figures and elders regarding the convening of the Jirga and the government is set to convene the costly Jirga at a time when its objectives, agenda, and contents have not been clarified to the nation.

Questioning the main objective of the Jirga which has been described as consultative by the government, the leaders of the High Council of Jihadi and National Parties added that a consensus exists among more than 30 million population of the country regarding reconciliation process and no Afghan would vote to invalidate peace process even a final decision is not taken during the Jirga>

The leaders of the council also emphasized that the main objective of the Jirga would therefore be an attempt by the government to deviate the attention of the people and prepare for an all-out campaign for the upcoming presidential elections, which the council rejects considering the unpleasant condition of the people who have mainly suffered due to the recent natural disasters including flooding and no attention and humanitarian aid have been made to the victims in a responsible way from the government.

This comes as Chief Executive Abdullah, former national security advisor Mohammad Haneef Atmar, and former intelligence chief Rahmatullah Nabil have so far confirmed that the members of their electoral teams will not participate in consultative peace Jirga, mainly citing the reasons outlined by the High Council of Jihadi and National Parties.

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