Helmand-Provincial police headquartersThe governor of Musa Qala District of southern Helmand province warns that Taliban are closing in on the center of this district.

Mohammad Sharif Khan says that Taliban are now two kilometers away from the center of Musa Qala District where they are engaged in heavy clashes with security forces.

He urged government to immediately send reinforcement or else Taliban might reach to the center of this district.

In the meantime, some reports suggest that Taliban have martyred dozens of soldiers in this district.

Abdul Majid Akhundzada who is a member of Helmand’s provincial council told media that 45 soldiers have been martyred in a check post in Qasaban area while 20 others surrendered to Taliban.

Taliban on their website claim that they have occupied a security post in Qasaban area.

Taliban waged a serious of major attacks on government facilities and some districts after announcing their spring offensive in April. But they have not been able to hold an area longer.


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