The Helmand peace convoy made appeals to the American and Russian people to urge their government to take decisive actions for peace in Afghanistan.

The activists of Helmand peace convoy on Friday started a sit-in near the Embassy of Russia in Kabul after ending a similar sit-in near the US Embassy.

A statement was also issued by the peace convoy, stating that the Russia is engaged in an undeclared war against the US in Afghanistan.

The statement further added that the Helmand peace convoy activists want an end to the war, emphasizing that Afghans are peaceful people and want peace.

In a similar appeal made to the US Congress and the American nation, the Helmand peace convoy activists had urged the American lawmakers to step up efforts and intervene to end the ongoing violence in Afghanistan.

They also urged the American people to question their government as why the conflict has not ended in Afghanistan.

The peace activists in their statement had stated that ‘If the US can topple a regime in 15 days, then why they have not been able to bring peace in the past 17 years?’

They also added that the American nation should ask their government that why that conflict resumed, emphasizing that the Afghans do not want anything else but an end to war.


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