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Hekmatyar’s concerns over being sidelined in peace negotiations

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Hezb-i-Islami has concerns over Afghan peace talks. Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, the founder off Hzeb-iiIslami said to media on Sunday that peace talks will not have a positive result if it is held only with only one of the groups involved in the Afghan conflict.

Ghairat Baheer, a top official of Hezb-i Islami said, it is an easy task for any groups sidelined from the peace negotiations to threaten Afghanistan’s security.

The process of peace talks between Afghan government and the Taliban have been recently reported in the media where hezb-I Islami is being sidelined and it seems to be a concern to Hezb-i Islami members.

“If any groups are ignored in the peace talks, it would change to resistance force against the government and could be a major threat to Afghanistan,” Mr Baheer said. “Destabilizing Afghanistan is not a difficult task, it’s too easy.”

He further added that US-Taliban negotiations are at a preliminary level.

“They haven’t agreed on small issues yet and none of the Afghan prisoners have been released from jail,” he said. “None of the names have been removed from the black list.”

A delegation from Hezb-i Islami Hekmatyar visited Kabul to negotiate with Afghan officials, but returned with little to show for their efforts.

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