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Heavy clashes predicted in eastern regions of Afghanistan

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Gen. John R. Allen commander of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan said coalition security forces will face serious fightings with the insurgents during the summer time in eastern regions of Afghanistan.

While speaking during an interview with the DPA News Agency in Kabul Gen. John Allen said, international coalition forces will be used to combat with the insurgents in eastern parts of the country despite a reduction in US troops.

He also said the coming year will be a vital year for coalition security forces during its years of war against the terrorism.

According to NATO commander Gen. John R. Allen, Afghan security forces are due to take over security responsibilities across the country by the end of next year and international coalition security forces will leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Around 90,000 US troops are current based in Afghanistan where around 10,000 US troops were pulled of the country last year. At least 23,000 more US troops are expected to leave Afghanistan by the end of summer this year.

In the meantime Afghan and US officials are discussing long term strategic cooperation agreement which will specify the presence of US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

An immediate halt to all night time military operation in Afghanistan is one of the main agendas of strategic pact negotiations between Afghan and US officials.

Afghan president Hamid Karzai has long been criticizing the night time military operations and has repeatedly asked NATO officials end the night time raids.

However NATO officials emphasize for the effectiveness of the night time military operation to target militants and insurgents.

NATO commander in Afghanistan said, night time military operations are equally conducted by Afghan commandos and coalition security forces.

According to Gen. John R. Allen, Afghan commandos have been involved in 90% of the night time military operations where Afghan commandos had control over 40% of the operations. He also said they are considering to hand over all military operations to Afghan security forces.

In the meantime there are growing concerns over capabilities of Afghan security forces and other challenges being faced by Afghan national army soldiers despite the number of Afghan army soldiers are going to be around 352,000 in the next few months as per the plan.

Leaving the army, illiteracy, corruption, use of drugs and etc are the main issues being faced by Afghan national army soldiers.

On the other hand there are growing concerns regarding “green on blue” attacks by Afghan security forces where a number of foreign troops were shot dead by Afghan forces recently.

NATO commander in Afghanistan Gen. John R. Allen said, Taliban militants are involved in 50% of the incidents while 50% incidents have links to personal issues.

He also said strict security measures have been considered to reduce such incidents in the future.

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