Head of Afghan government media and Information Center Dawakhan Minapal gunned down in Police District 7, Darul Aman Kabul , Friday afternoon.

Spokesperson of Interior ministry Mirwais Stanikzai confirmed the assassination.

He was reportedly gunned from the back while performing Friday prayer in a Masjid in Darul Aman.

Taliban spokesperson Zabiullah Muhajid in a Twitter post claimed the responsibility of the assassination.

Dawakhan Minapal was one of the strong advocates of the Afghan government and an opponent of the Taliban and their policies.

Minapal had been the spokesperson of Presidential Palace before assuming the post as head of government media and information center.

Hekmat Rawan, former journalist and head of media of Finance ministry was also assassinated by unknown gunmen in Kandahar city two months ago.

Rawan was said to have been one of his close relatives.