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Hasbulla’s age and rare genetic condition explained by the doctor


Hasbulla Magomedov has taken the internet by storm since his antics began blowing up on TikTok over the past few weeks, but there’s a lot that people still don’t know about the Russian dubbed ‘Mini Khabib’.

One of the biggest questions being asked about Hasbulla is just how old he actually is. The answer has come as a shock to plenty of people after it was revealed that despite his childlike features, Hasbulla is actually 18 years old – a fully-fledged adult.

Now, a doctor has taken to TikTok to explain the rare genetic condition responsible for Hasbulla’s short stature and high-pitched voice, as well as the prognosis and possible treatments.

According to Dr. Karan Raj, Hasbulla – and his arch-enemy Abdu Rozik – suffers from Growth Hormone deficiency, a genetic disorder that occurs when the brain’s pituitary gland (responsible for producing most hormones) can’t produce Growth Hormone (GH).

Dr. Raj says that in some cases the condition can be caused by tumors, but a lot of the time doctors are unable to explain exactly why some people with Growth Hormone deficiency have the disorder.

The good news is, if Growth Hormone deficiency is diagnosed in childhood, it can be successfully treated with Human Growth Hormone (HGH) injections to spur development during puberty.

This is exactly what happened with none other than Lionel Messi, who Dr. Raj reveals was diagnosed with Growth Hormone deficiency aged 10, and had his HGH treatment paid for by Barcelona when he joined the club’s academy a few years later.



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