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Haqqani Network willing to participate in Afghan peace talks

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Haqqani Network which is considered to be among the most dangerous terrorist network has said that they will join Afghan peace talks only if their conditions were accepted in peace negotiations.

However Haqqani Network is believed to cause major issues in Afghanistan beyond 2014 more than any other militants groups.

A senior Haqqani Network leader has said that they are ready to participate in peace talks led by Washington.

According to Reuters News Agency Haqqani Network is ready to participate in Afghan peace talks amid growing pressure by Western nations. Washington last month blacklisted Haqqani Network and UN Security Council in a similar action slapped sanctions against the Haqqani Network members.

Haqqani Network is based in tribal regions between the Afghanistan and Pakistan borders and are considered to be part of the Taliban group and therefore their participation in Afghanistan peace talks is vital.

But Washington believes that Haqqani Network is a separate entity and in the meantime Afghan government emphasize that Kabul is not ready to sit in for peace talks with the Haqqani Nework.

Afghan presidential palace spokesman Aimal Faizi last week said that Haqqani Network is not compatible with the conditions to participate in Afghan peace talks.

A senior Haqqani commander speaking on the condition of anonymity accused Washington for not being honest in Afghan peace talks and said that US officials are looking to create barriers in Afghan peace negotiations

Speaking from an undisclosed location told Reuters, “We welcome Afghan peace talks only if the Quetta Council led by the Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omer enters peace talks with the United States.”

This comes as Taliban group earlier this year announced they have halted peace talks with the United States.

However an Afghan peace official last week said, “The Afghan government is ineffective in direct peace talks with the Taliban group and will not be able to achieve major achievements until 2014.”

The senior Haqqani leader also said that Washington is not supporting Afghan peace talks after including Haqqani Network in its blacklist.

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