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Hang Anas Haqqani if serious in fight against terror, Nabil tells govt


nabil-(2)-1421127702The former Afghan Intelligence, National Directorate of Security (NDS) Chief, Rahmatullah Nabil has called on the government to hang the Haqqani Network leader’s brother in custody if serious in fight against terrorism.

In a statement following a deadly attack in capital Kabul, Nabil said “If the government is serious and honest in fight against terrorism then Anisa Haqqa, the brother of Siraj Haqqani and several other terrorists who have been sentenced to death, should be immediately hanged and must be hanged tomorrow.”

At least 64 people were killed and 347 others were wounded after a group of militants launched coordinated suicide attack on the directorate of security for elites in capital Kabul on Tuesday.

The Afghan intelligence – national directorate of security (NDS) arrested Anis Haqqani along with another key Haqqani network leader late in 2014.

“Both Anis Haqani, the brother of Sirajudin Haqani and the son of Jalaludin Haqani famous on Abdullah and Hafiz Rashid, famous commander of this network in Khost province are arrested in a special operation of NDS on 14 October 2014,” according to NDS

NDS further added that Anis Haqani is one of the powerful members of Haqani Network who is arrested by National Directorate of Security (NDS). Anis was the deputy of his brother Sirajudin Haqani, the leader of Haqani Network and was playing key role in strategic decisions of this network.

“Anis Haqani has special skills in computer and was considered one of the master minds of this network in making propaganda through social networks.He was responsible for collecting and preparing funds from Arabic countries to carry out operations of this network,” NDS said.


  1. Nabil is very much right Afghan government should hang this person (Anis Haqani) at the site of Yesterday suicide bombing. 

  2. The two useless twins (Ghani+Abdullah) who are in charge of the government must wake up and hang all these coward talibans, dahish and other terror networks…until when the people of Afghanistan should suffer…the innocent people want to live a peaceful life….do not negociate with Pakis, talibans, dahish and other networks.

  3. Before hanging NDS should and must make video of Haqqani’s son connection to ISI and other terror groups to expose their connection and expose their master which is ISI. People need to know more about this terror network. Afghan terrorists groups are connected to drug smugglers and international terrorists organizations like AQ and IMU, Islamic Jihad Union and others.

  4. The propaganda branch of NDS is busy drinking chi and watching TV channels, they need to get up from those cheap Chinese and Turkish coaches and start making a video clips about Anis Haqqani’s connection to ISI and expose them to Afghan people. I have no idea where is the IO guys for NDS.MOI AND MOD and what they fuck their are doing? beside hanging in armored vehicles and wearing cheap Armani suites. Wake up guys do something for the sake of those innocent , hopeless and poor afghans. Ghani and Abdullah need to stop acting like Ghandi and Armani suite model. Gents we have voted for you so get up and do something instead of giving poor interviews at Pule-Mahmood Khan.

  5. hang him and prove that you are with the afghan people. do not wash your hands with the blood of innocent afghan children, women and men.


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